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Who is this happy mama?

Hi there. My name is Jenny Warner. I’m the founder of I Shine Brite. I help parents uncover what’s at the root of their kids’ behaviors.

I am a mom, a wife, and a lover of life. I am a Holistic Family Advisor, along with being a certified Life & Parent Coach, who truly loves to share information with parents so they can make deep connections in their life and transform their families. I help parents discover new ways to connect as a family on a whole new level. This level of connection revolutionizes families to become more aware, confident, resilient, and happy humans. Parents discover new ways to feel confident & loosen their grip a little so their children can really blossom.

I know how important connections are and I know how much you want a deep connection with your kids. I will help you find ways to reap the rewards of seeing your family go from stressed out to peaceful and playful.

Providing a safe space for parents to collaborate and figure out what works best for their family brings joy to so many families and that is what we do at I Shine My wish is to help you find peace so that you feel empowered in your parenting and can experience wonder and joy daily.

I help people transform their lives and get from overwhelmed to peaceful, from troubled and frustrated to connected.

I love seeing families come back together as better communication occurs and stress levels decrease.

We have excellent programs and a fantastic community to help you and your child go on a journey of discovery together. I believe in fresh perspectives. We are social creatures and require community if we really want to thrive. By coming together, sharing, and collaborating, we all bring our unique gifts to the world. Together, we will remember just how powerful living from our heart is and how we truly can change the world around us.

This voyage will brighten your world and your child’s world, allowing you to perceive things in new ways. I will also show you how to integrate different tools, modalities and techniques and then take what you have learned and bring it into your daily life with ease.


Everyone feels some level of self-doubt that they carry with them no matter how they may appear on the outside. We all have programming and perceptions that have come from our communities and from our past.

Many of us have forgotten how to connect to our inner wisdom and the incredible gift of love and a unique brightness that we have within each of us. Once we slow down enough and recognize it and feel it, instead of being rushed or numbed to it from external distractions, it feels so good to be calm and peaceful and happy again.

Love, joy, and happiness are all that matter in the end. We don’t take any of the other material things with us.

What do you want to feel when you reflect on your life?

We want to give kids the tools and insights now, before they get buried under expectations, how to discover who they are and stay true to that amazing human. I will teach you how to coach your kids to use these tools and skills to have incredible lives for themselves.

What is a Holistic Family Advisor?

Imagine your family is like a big puzzle. Sometimes, the pieces don’t fit perfectly, and you’re not sure why. A Holistic Family Advisor is like a puzzle helper. They help parents figure out why their kids act the way they do by looking at the big picture. This means:

  • Understanding stories and memories from when parents were kids.
  • Learning about family bonds and beliefs.
  • Connecting more deeply with each other.
  • Figuring out why humans, like us, do certain things.

We use a lot of cool tools to do this:

  • Learning how our brains and feelings work.
  • Using nature’s patterns.
  • Healing through movement and feelings.
  • Connecting with stars (astrology) and nature.
  • Writing in journals.
  • Calming our hearts and minds.
  • Fun family customs and traditions.

We teach all these things one-on-one, in groups, through lessons, and in a friendly online place called “I Shine Brite”.