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Pandemic parenting

Pandemic parenting has been brutal for all involved.  We had the “cozy time” of all being stuck at home together.

We had to manage our jobs, family life, parenting, teaching, helping everyone keep their sanity, helping our kids navigate on-line learning, being a playmate to our kids again at all ages, managing fear, more meals and more dishes than it feels like we ever had to do in the past.

Pandemic parenting - what is modern parenting and how it works

Different parenting styles

Even though we all have different parenting styles, the good news is that the spotlight brought us more into a united front as parents because we were all in the same boat at the same time.

The good but tough news, for many, is that the past few years have thrust us back into the depth of our kids’ lives because they didn’t have many of the distractions like sports and extracurriculars taking them out of the house.

Good job parents!

We’ve also had to have many conversations that we may not have been planning on having with our kids, such as discussions about racism, sexuality, abuse of power, war, and violence because these topics are so prevalent in the media, on-line, and in schools for all ages.  So good job dealing with parenting challenges! You’re reading this now, so you’re hanging in there!! Well done you!

Enough about the past. We were all there. Let’s pick up from where we are, in the present.


Family values

Modern parenting is taking everything that is going on around us in the world and holding our family together in our homes, our family values and tenderly helping our kids see that change is the only constant and that they are okay as their own beautiful and unique piece of the puzzle that makes this whole crazy globe keep spinning.

Modern parenting is looking at all of the research that is available and cherry picking what will work best for their own family based on the situation at hand. It’s based on learning how to discern not only what fits within their family values, but what works best for each of their children.


What is the definition of modern parenting?

I took an informal poll of my mother-in-law and several other mom’s that would be considered her contemporaries. These are women who all have grown children that have their own children.

Unanimously, when I asked “what is a good parent?” , they all said that the definition of modern parenting is raising kids with a strong moral compass, or strong values, who is independent and able to think for themselves.


Definition of modern parenting and how it works

“Hot mess” moment

Modern parenting is not just about disciplining teenagers, but about engagement of teens in conversation and looking beyond the “hot-mess” moment as they are working through whatever is going on. Just as we parents have fine tuned our skills of discernment in recent history, we have been able to pass that on to our children, which helps to make them able to think for themselves.

Much of the togetherness that we’ve had allows us to see how our kids make decisions and gives us some peace of mind in letting them be more independent.

If this strikes a chord with you, or if you feel like you can use any help or insight into stepping more fully into being a modern parent I’m here for you.

Book some time with me and we can chat or join me in our incredible community of parents, like me, who are figuring it out and letting our hair down with each other along the way.

Don’t forget, modern parenting is all about being a good parent so it starts with you!