Group Coaching


($1097 if you’ve already purchased Connection Parenting Guide) or ($1397 for coaching plus the Connection Parenting Guide)

Connection Parenting Group Coaching Min 4 participants Max 6 participants.Nothing about parenting is prescriptive. If you are interested or curious about change, I can recommend a book or program. If you actually want change and transformation, then you need the support of a coach. No two situations are the same. Nothing about parenting is prescriptive.


Together, we will create a safe place to come together for group coaching.

You will get support, encouragement, resources and empowerment. Together we will share stories, explore ideas together and be heard by one another. I will then help you integrate what you learn and make the transformation that you are hoping for. Parenting can be hard; we can make it easier for you and your kids. This is the support that you’ve been looking for.

In Connection Parenting Group coaching we take 8 weeks and go through the Connection Parenting Curriculum together. We will share with each other and learn how to integrate this new knowledge into your everyday lives.

Doing this together in a group allows us to go deeper into the research and learn about why our kids do the things that they do. In the sacred and protective space of this group you will be able to share with one other your wins and your challenges. I will then help you figure out how to use this in your everyday parenting.

Remember that you can do this. You are not alone. This is a journey that will continue to evolve for years to come as you grow the connection with your kids and help them discover more about themselves. It is like watching the butterfly emerge from the chrysalis. We will all light our own unique pathways.

The structure of the 8 weeks together is as follows:

We will go through the guide together with one new module per week on a group video call. You will be able to share what you are experiencing in your own family, and we will explore different ideas for your challenges and learn from your wins.

You will learn how to integrate the foundation of this information into your daily lives.

This structure is a tried-and-true way to apply the learning of any subject matter. This is meant to be a collaborative container because we can all learn so much from each other. We do not want to have you feel that there is any stress added to your week. This is meant to enhance your life and feel supportive, not to be a burden or additional stress to your life.

We will also share how this can help you talk with your kids in a different way. Maybe you do things daily, maybe weekly or maybe it’s just when you think about it. There is no wrong way. Once you see the ease of how to change your questions and conversations, it will start to flow naturally. The bottom line is it’s all about the journey, right? We are definitely going to stop and smell the roses along the way. Let’s get started!