Is parent coaching for me? Do I really need to go through this process?

In the coaching container we get to explore what’s going on in your family. We then figure out how best to adapt techniques to connect with your kids in a way that works best for your family. And play with different ways to get them to listen without yelling, nagging, or punishing. For all that, you need support!  This is where you get the raft to float down the river of parenting.

The tools and techniques that you are given in our coaching sessions will help you feel like you actually have the ability to become a coach for your kids so they can become who they are meant to be and you can salvage your tender and unique relationship while doing it. We want them to be fulfilled in their lives and empowered to do whatever it is that drives them and brings them satisfaction. We want you to feel empowered, confident, and fulfilled in your role as their parent. Who knows, there may be such a cohesiveness in your home that they are inspired to save the planet! It could happen!

You will learn so many new ways to connect with your kids. This deeper connection is the transformation and true foundation of the connected family bond for your lifetime.

connection parenting community

I know that those are big statements to make, but I’ve experienced it and have witnessed it happen in my client’s families. (Not the save the world part yet, but I’m waiting!)

We will go through the details of the program on-line via video call, one module per week for 8 weeks. I will share ways to integrate this into your everyday parenting until it becomes second nature. This information can actually be used in all your relationships!

We will discuss different approaches and applications that have worked for previous participants and share ideas that you may have based on your own kids’ personalities, rhythms, and routines.
This is not something that will just “sit on the shelf”. We have an incredible community in I Shine Brite called the Connection Parenting Community (clever, I know) and if you are not already a member it is available for you to join. It is a private membership, not on social media.

I will share personal results of using these strategies from my own family and other members of the community share their own results.

Listen, we all know that life happens, and nothing is guaranteed. Let’s just do what we can do to set our families up to be well prepared and resilient and get the support that we need for ourselves.

This is not read a book and put it back on the shelf guidance.

After the 8 weeks we are not going to say goodbye. Instead, go out into the world and spread the ripples of magic with everyone you meet. We want happy and peaceful families to fill the world. Wouldn’t it be a dream if everyone that we encountered knew who they were at their core and didn’t want to project any of their wounded emotions onto others? It would be amazing if everyone came to fully appreciate the wonder of the incredible planet that we live on. Keep exploring your paths.

Stay connected within the community. Stay connected on social media through Instagram: @i_shine_brite and on Facebook: @ShineBrite

You will continue to have access to the program, as well as the Resources section of the website, which is always being updated. Check back in frequently to continue to deepen your learning and get new ideas.

If you would like to continue with one-on-one coaching, please feel free to reach out and we can arrange that.

Enjoy the journey! You’ve Got This!

Change is hard, parenting is described as being harder.  What if it doesn’t have to be that way? Coaching is how you achieve lasting change…family transformation.