FREE LIVE CLASS: 3 Skills To Get Your Kids To Listen


This is where you can help others by paying it forward.  Many parents who are struggling financially are also struggling with their kids.

Everyone wants to be the best parent they can be and feel like they have successful parenting skills.

Financial insecurity is a difficult cycle to be in and can really tear families apart, leaving lasting wounds.  Here at I Shine Brite, we are honored to work with some amazing organizations that are helping families, as well as working with some families directly through our scholarship program.  Your donations help us continue to do pro-bono work for families to help break the cycle of lack. It can be really hard to be a parent and it is extraordinarily hard when you don’t know how you are going to be able to meet the basic needs of your family. 

The work that we do will be shared within the I Shine Brite Community so that you can see your donations being put into action.

Your generous donations directly impact the lives of children to help break cycles and help them see that their unique light shines bright.

They are worthy of their own bright future.