IShineBrite Parenting Community

This is where you can get the best parenting insight on how to connect with and talk to your kids without yelling, nagging or punishing.

Everyone wants to be the best parent they can be and have successful parenting skills. It can be really hard to be a parent sometimes. We sometimes wonder, “Are other parents having as much trouble as I am, or is it just me? Does anyone else have a better way? Is there an easier or more enjoyable way to raise kids? ” 

Being a parent is hard.

Being a parent without feeling like you have support is harder.

You want to be able to connect with other parents and talk or ask questions.  Social media is great, but we don’t really get privacy on social media to ask some of the questions that we really want to ask.  We also don’t want to have to deal with the know it all’s or judgey people that think that they are better than everyone else, or make you feel bad for asking your question.  This is why we’ve made this parenting community. You can ask the questions that you really want to ask and get the support that you need without fear of being judged.

There are no outside distractions. No internet trolls and no mean people who have nothing better to do than try to make others feel bad.  The conversations and topics around parenting are organized so that you can quickly find the information you need at that moment. Plus, you have a whole tribe of online support with all of the other parents in the Connection Parenting Community and with me as your coach.

We have created this space where there is a lot of good energy, kindness, and people who all want to be the best parents they can be and help their kids in any way they can. 

This is a judgement free zone. There are parents that are like-minded, and we form real friendships here.  You will feel seen, heard, and supported. You will gain fresh perspectives and have a safe space to try new things and ask questions, share ideas and listen to others stories.

Join the Connection Parenting Community to learn how to be the parent that you want to be for your kids and for yourself.

There are three things that make life easier for parents: new skills, new perspectives and support.

Come in and explore. You’ll feel better about yourself as a parent and you may even pick up some tips to help nurture yourself.

You can make better decisions if you know more. You can make different choices for yourself and for your kids if you have the help of others who can share how they use this new information in their everyday lives. In the end, these changes help families be more confident, connected, and strong.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” ~ Benjamin Franklin

People in the Connection Parenting Community give you permission to trust and follow your intuition and be true to yourself and your own path. When you follow your intuition, you can feel more confident. You will come to learn that you can handle anything that comes your way.

connection parenting community

Connection Parenting is an online membership community focused on practical and peaceful parenting for your daily life.

Join the Community!

Here’s what you will get in the Community:

Daily Spark

Every morning you will get a note to give you a spark you as you start your parenting journey for the day.

Weekly activities

Each week we will share activities to do with your family to incorporate different ways to connect and integrate the information that you are discovering.

Monthly Themes 

A better understanding of the things that are bothering you and your kids.

Each month we will discuss a different theme based on key issues that kids and parents struggle with.  You will have the support of the community for their ideas, experiences, stories. I will also share information about the energetic themes of the month.

Monthly Q & A With Jenny

We will meet on Zoom every month. The topics will come from your answers to polls in the Community. These polls will help us figure out which topics are most important or interesting to you.

Connection Guides

Parenting feels like a lot of work, but not here. When you join the Connection Parenting Community, you’ll be able to explore innovative ideas and new perspectives at your own pace and we will mix in some humor and have some fun too! You can then use what you learn in your own family as you see fit.

Here are some examples of what we dive into:

What is going on in my child’s brain?
Why does my child have tantrums? (at ANY age)
What should I do about screen time?
How can I help my child with their anxiety?
Am I over controlling?

A Hugely Helpful Community of Parents

You’ll form connections and receive support from other parents who want to change their parenting style from how they were raised and feel supported in a private community. Ask other parents for their thoughts and ideas. We’ll all help each other learn and grow as a group.

Members in the community can access their groups, daily activities, and workshops from any place, thanks to the web, iOS, and Android apps that can be used.

We have created our own dedicated space for gentle, peaceful, and engaged parenting, away from the clutter and built-in distractions of social media.

Our community and online courses are all in one place, and we give our members a one-stop, easy-to-use experience that helps them be better parents.

Making changes is hard to do without support.

Adding the Connection Parenting Community into your DAILY life is the best way to make lasting changes.

That’s why we try to be practical.

Meet your parent coach  & community leader…

My name is Jenny Warner. I am the founder of I Shine Brite. I am not a licensed therapist, nor am I a doctor. So why should you listen to me? I am a mom. I am a certified Life & Parent Coach. I want to help people transform their lives and go from overwhelmed to peaceful, from troubled and frustrated to connected.

I love seeing families transform as better communication and deeper connection happens. Then everyone’s stress levels decrease.

I’ve created some really practical guides (programs) and a fantastic and supportive community to help you and your child go on a journey of discovery together. It’s important to see different angles and fresh perspectives and sharing with each other in a supportive community is a great way to experience new ideas.  We are social creatures and require community. I believe we all have special gifts to share, including the power of living from your heart.

This adventure will brighten your world and your child’s world, allowing you to perceive things in new ways.  I will also show you how to integrate what you have learned and bring it into your daily life with ease and to positively impact the lives around you.  It’s hard to make changes on your own.  In the Connection Parenting Community, you don’t have to.

If you just want to know what’s going on with your child so you can flow with your day — The Connection Parenting Community is for you.