Parenting App/Platform


Feel supported and understood in your parenting journey.

Parenting is hard and it feels like you are constantly guessing what you should do.

…and it sucks when you’re trying to do it alone.

That’s why we created parenting App/Platform for this community – to provide support, connection, and new skills for parents who want to change their parenting style from how they were raised. In our parenting App/Platform community, you’ll find other parents who are going through the same thing, and together we can help each other learn and grow.

We have created our own dedicated space for gentle, peaceful, and engaged parenting, away from the clutter and built-in distractions of social media. Our parenting App/Platform community and online courses are all in one place, and we give our members a one-stop, easy-to-use experience that helps them be better parents.

Making changes is hard to do without support, but with our community behind you, you can achieve anything. Parenting is hard enough – let us help you make it a little easier.

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No more guessing

Find your answers in a safe and supportive place. Access weekly resources that will help you become a better parent.

No more yelling

Understand your kids, communicate with them effectively, and raise them without resorting to punishment or yelling.

No more struggling

You will be able to connect with your kids in a whole new way and feel better about yourself as a parent.

Parenting App/Platform community is here
to help.

There are three things that make life easier for parents: new skills, new perspectives and support. Come in and explore. You’ll feel better about yourself as a parent and you may even pick up some tips to help nurture yourself.

👉 Weekly Coaching (Tuesday and Friday)
  • Our weekly coaching program is the perfect way to stay on track with your goals and get support from Jenny.
  • With two calls per week, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get help with whatever you need. Whether you’re struggling with a particular issue or just want to talk about what’s going on in the community, we’re here for you.
  • Our monthly themes will keep you focused and our hot topic discussions will keep you informed. Friday’s calls are also a great chance to check in and see how things are going.
👉 Online Courses
  • Our online parenting courses are designed to show you ways of bringing more connection, joy, and harmony into your relationships with your kids.
  • With action steps to connect deeper to your kids through these daily activities, you’ll be able to connect to yourself, your family and this community with resources provided with love and intention.
👉 Science Based Resources
  • Are you a parent who wants to be up-to-date on the most relevant parenting research and information?
  • We provide research and science based content on all topics related to parenting. Whether you’re looking for information on child development, discipline, or even just ways to bond with your kids, we’ve got you covered.
  • With these resources, you can be confident that you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date information available.
👉 Support
  • The Connection Parenting Community is the perfect place for parents who want to build new habits, try new things, and start new practices.
  • Being in community with people who want the same thing as you is the best way to figure out what you can do for yourselves to make changes, along with getting more motivation, perspectives, ideas, support and accountability.
  • It also offers us the opportunity to get out of stuckness or stop feeling like we are spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.
👉 1-1 with Jenny
  • Jenny is a parenting coach who specializes in helping parents find creative solutions to their problems. With her 1-1 coaching, she’ll help you understand your children better and find ways to work with them instead of against them.
  • So if you’re feeling lost and frustrated, sign up for a session with Jenny. She’s witty, motivating, and most importantly, she cares.

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Connection parenting expert - Jenny Warner

Hello, my name is Jenny!

As a mom, wife, and lover of life, I know just how important it is to have deep connections with the people we love. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping parents uncover what’s at the root of their kids’ behaviors.

I truly believe that when families connect on a deeper level, they become more aware, confident, resilient and happy humans. And that’s something I want for all families!

So if you’re looking for help in building a stronger connection with your family, look no further! I’m here to motivate and inspire you every step of the way.

Have a question?  Click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen!

Know what’s going on with your child so you can flow with your day.

This adventure will brighten your world and your child’s world, allowing you to perceive things in new ways. I will also show you how to integrate what you have learned and bring it into your daily life with ease and to positively impact the lives around you.

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Parenting App/Platform

✓ Weekly Coaching
✓ Online Courses
✓ Science Based Resources
✓ Support
✓ 1-1 With Jenny
2 Weeks FREE Trial


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Parenting App/Platform

✓ Weekly Coaching
✓ Online Courses
✓ Science Based Resources
✓ Support
✓ 1-1 with Jenny
2 Weeks FREE Trial


(Get Instant Access)